Amsterdam ArenA. Naturally Sustainable.

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About the Amsterdam ArenA

The Amsterdam ArenA is the largest stadium in the Netherlands and home to the national football club AFC Ajax. National as well as international matches are played in the stadium. Besides football, the ArenA also hosts events like concerts, dance parties and business meetings.

Het duurzaamheidsteam: v.l.n.r.
              Frank de Leeuw - Secretaris PDA
              Claire Sleijffers - Communicatie PDA
              Josine Rienks - Commerciële zaken/stakeholders PDA
              Henk van Raan - Projectdirecteur PDA
              Hein Steer - Facilities PDA
              Marco Gerrese - Public Affairs PDA

Frank de Leeuw - Secretary
Claire Sleijffers - Communications
Josine Rienks - Commercial Affairs/Stakeholders
Henk van Raan – Project Director
Hein Steer - Facilities
Marco Gerrese - Public Affairs

Sustainability is an integral part of the Amsterdam ArenA strategy. The sustainability programme of the ArenA is directed by the PDA team 'Platform voor een Duurzame ArenA' (Platform for a Sustainable ArenA). The process of making the ArenA sustainable relies on continuous dialogue with stakeholders.

Read more about the Amsterdam ArenA organisational structure here.

Reporting Profile

This sustainability report covers the reporting period of 1 July 2012 – 20 June 2013. Thereby, the reporting period matches the financial report. The topics covered in this report were chosen based on the 2011-2012 sustainability report.
The Amsterdam ArenA sustainability report is produced according to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. This report meets the criteria of reporting level C.

Reporting Reach

The ArenA’s main ambition is to be on balance a CO2 neutral stadium in 2015. To achieve this, the ArenA focuses on topics within its sphere of influence.

Therefore this report focuses on reduction of CO2 emissions that are caused ‘under the roof’ of the ArenA. In this report, the ArenA shows the progress made through these efforts. The base year for the reporting and benchmarking is the fiscal year 2009-2010.

To become – on balance – a climate neutral stadium in 2015, we focus on six themes within the ArenA’s sphere of influence. The main themes are energy, natural resources and purchasing. Other themes are living lab, stakeholders and environment. Initiatives mainly revolve around incentives, information and awareness. The ArenA acts both as an initiator and a platform. We want to lead by example, be a sustainable icon and provide a platform for cooperating parties.

For the ArenA, the sustainability report represents a major step in registering and reporting on our sustainability ambitions. Both in informative articles and current figures of various KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) the ArenA shares its progress made in its sustainability programme.

Calculations of CO2 emissions are based on indicator EN16 of the GRI and the total energy consumption.

Download the GRI-chart


Sustainability Day 2009
Sustainability Day 2009
Amsterdam Municipality and Amsterdam ArenA sign a Memorandum of Understanding.
Sustainability Day 2010
Sustainability Day 2010
Amsterdam ArenA present their five-year plan, Naturally Sustainable and hand it over to Alderman Maarten van Poelgeest.
Sustainability Day 2011
Sustainability Day 2011
Signing of sustainability agreements by Green Deal-partners of the Amsterdam ArenA, in the presence of Jan Peter Balkenende, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands.
Earth Hour
Earth Hour
Participation in Earth Hour: Amsterdam ArenA switches off all the lights in the stadium.
Green Deal Amsterdam Municipality
Green Deal Amsterdam Municipality
Signing the Green Deal with Amsterdam Municipality, with Ald. Maarten van Poelgeest.
ArenA Mobility Portal
ArenA Mobility Portal
Launch of the ArenA Mobility Portal, making it easy for visitors to choose the most sustainable route to the ArenA.
Brazilian Embassy
Brazilian Embassy
Meeting for all the Amsterdam ArenA’s Green Deal partners at the Brazilian Embassy.
Sustainability Day 2012
Sustainability Day 2012
Sustainability Dinner with all Green Deal partners in the Amsterdam ArenA. Proceeds go to Stichting Metamorfose Emma Kinderziekenhuis.
Sustainability Report 2011/2012
Sustainability Report 2011/2012
On Sustainability Day, Amsterdam ArenA presents their first Sustainability Report according to GRI guidelines.
Stadswarmte en -koude
District Heating and Cooling
Start the continuous delivery of district heating and cooling to the main building and offices of the Amsterdam ArenA.
ArenA Business Club
ArenA Business Club
The opening of Amsterdam ArenA’s new main building, the ArenA Business Club.
  • 09-09 2009
  • 11-11 2010
  • 11-11 2011
  • 31-03 2012
  • 03-04 2012
  • 26-06 2012
  • 10-10 2012
  • 12-12 2012
  • 12-12 2012
  • 01-01 2013
  • 27-06 2013

Naturally Sustainable

In 2015 the Amsterdam ArenA wants to be – on balance – a climate neutral stadium: a stadium that compensates for any CO2 emissions. As a result, we produce less CO2 emissions. This is unique for a stadium that receives approximately two million visitors annually.
As a climate neutral stadium, we are an icon of sustainability for entertainment, sport and business. The ArenA is a state-of-the-art stadium, as is our approach to corporate social responsibility. We aspire to:

  • Be a showcase for sustainable innovations
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our stadium and of the events that take place in it
  • Be a good neighbour and make a positive impact on the economy
  • Work with others to increase the impact we can make on sustainability

Mission Statement Amsterdam ArenA

Stadion Amsterdam ArenA operates the Amsterdam ArenA, a multifunctional mega-theatre that appeals to a broad international public. Together with all our partners we provide a world-class venue for football matches and a variety of large and small-scale events, offering a high level of service and customer focus. Amsterdam ArenA. The place to be.

Annual Report

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