Enforce your decisions upon your partners? Or convince others that it can be done better together? 

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Brainstorming together on sustainability. Translating ideas into concrete plans, like an app that encourages visitors to use public transport. This is how we work with our stakeholders towards a sustainable ArenA.

Stakeholders are important to us. Working with Green Deal partners ID&T, Coca-Cola and Catering Club, we realised a sustainable supply chain for cups at the dance event Sensation. The intensive interaction with BAM Techniek in the preliminary phase of renovating the ArenA’s main building resulted in numerous energy saving solutions. Together with the municipality of Amsterdam and the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) we are working on a smart grid that enables us to exchange locally generated electricity. At meetings like the annual Sustainability Day we share and exchange results and inspiring ideas on sustainability with partners and independent experts.

Mutual Respect

In all its activities the Amsterdam ArenA operates in an environment featuring different stakeholders: partners, suppliers, government agencies and, of course, visitors. In pursuing our own sustainability ambitions the ArenA explicitly seeks the dialogue and cooperation with its stakeholders. As a consequence, we cannot simply enforce our ideas. Only by respecting our stakeholders and their interests, we can achieve our own long term sustainability ambitions.

Sustainability Dilemma

Ambitions vs. Interests

Sustainable ambitions are not achieved unilaterally, but together with stakeholders. The thing is, different parties have different interests. These can enhance, but also obstruct each other. How do you plot a course in a playing field of different interests? And how do stakeholders relate to the ArenA’s ambitions?

Maison van den Boer wants to be an optimally sustainable enterprise. This is achieved by making conscious decisions with our clients on purchasing, production, logistics and sales, based on our own sustainability criteria. Together with the Amsterdam ArenA we are making conscious decisions to have a better impact on society.
— Norbert van Ommen van Guijlik, Maison van den Boer
Ajax is a distinguished football club, with distinguished supporters and needs a distinguished stadium. As a supporters organisation we are proud that the ArenA successfully distinguishes itself as a sustainable stadium. Not just by being conscious about energy consumption, but also by offering an easily accessible and authentic arena where supporters feel at home.
— Anneke Ruitenberg, Supporters Organisation Ajax
The Amsterdam ArenA is actively reducing its CO2 emissions. This complements Grolsch’s policy of a Sustainable & Responsible Enterprise. We feel it is also important for our customers to be aware of the environment. Together we can make a bigger difference. Grolsch was recently elected for the third time as the most sustainable beer in the Netherlands. This is a great acknowledgement and encouragement for us. We are very happy to continue working on sustainability with the ArenA.
— Koert van ‘t Hof, Koninklijke Grolsch
In the past year the Amsterdam ArenA made considerable progress as a sustainable event organiser. The Mobility Portal creates awareness among visitors about their travelling behaviour. Contributing towards the accessibility of the south-eastern suburbs of Amsterdam, as well as their own objectives to reduce CO2 emissions. Setting a great example to everyone.
— Renny Kootstra, Verkeer Advies (Traffic Advice)
Stakeholders Exchange Energy through Smart Grid

Stakeholders Exchange Energy through Smart Grid

Amsterdam ArenA and the Academic Medical Centre (AMC), together with other parties including Ecofys, Liander en TU Twente, are working on creating a smart grid. This makes it possible to arrange and manage the exchange of locally generated energy.

The AMC generates electricity and heat in its own gas-fired power plant. The plant has excess capacity, especially at night and in the weekends. The ArenA can use this excess to provide for some of its energy needs. Electricity from the AMC plant is generated more CO2 efficiently than electricity from the city grid. This way the ArenA reduces its CO2 emissions. A smart grid enables administrative handling of the exchange of this locally generated energy.

The AMC and the ArenA are currently investigating opportunities for generating electricity with solar panels on the AMC premises. This solar electricity could also be exchanged through the smart grid.

Green Deal Partners Meet Each Other at the Sustainability Dinner

Green Deal Partners Meet Each Other at the Sustainability Dinner

In recent years, the ArenA has used the annual Sustainability Day as an opportunity to strengthen bonds between the Green Deal partners, to network and to exchange ideas. In the past reporting year, this took place on ‘12-12-12’ with a Sustainability Dinner held in the main building of the ArenA. Label Hospitality Catering, together with top chefs Jonathan Karpathios and Ron Blaauw, provided a menu of sustainable dishes.

“There was not only sustainable food, we also used decorations made of biologically degradable materials and tables from recycled wood,” says Ralf Benda of Label Hospitality. “Sustainability is a key aspect of all our catering projects. We try to minimise the environmental impact by working with local suppliers whenever possible. We are also socially involved in other areas. For instance, each year we offer an internship to disadvantaged young people through the Ajax Campus. Last year the intern did so well that he is now working for us!”

Hoofdgebouw Groente

Sustainable Transition

Chef Jonathan Karpathios also looks back on the evening with satisfaction. “Seven years ago I made my own sustainable transition. Since then I cook exclusively with home-grown, organic vegetables. I remember making quite an impression on the guests when I told them that I had been on my knees that very morning harvesting the vegetables they now had on their plates. To me, the good thing about the ArenA is that they are taking responsibility and continuing to pursue their ambitions. Every step you make, counts.”

Highlights of the Sustainability Dinner on 12-12-12

  • Nearly 300 guests, including many Green Deal-partners;
  • The sale of tables raised € 20,000, which was presented to the Stichting Metamorfose Emma Kinderziekenhuis;
  • Lectures from astronaut André Kuipers, Marcel Levi (Chairman Academic Medical Centre) and Robert Seegers (Vice-President Public Affairs & Communication Benelux of Green Deal-partner Coca-Cola Enterprises);
  • Musical performance by singer Oleta Adams;
  • Sustainable menu with locally grown organic vegetables.

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